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The Structure of a social media agency, Miami FL

Who can challenge the impact that social platforms have in the lives of everyone? With the rising use of technology and the addiction it’s causing, the need for businesses to market themselves on social platforms is more than ever. Your target audience, regardless of where they belong or which corner of the world they are in, is scrolling down their news feed.

Your competitors around the world are taking all the attention by creating content that engages and develops thrills in the viewers. Social platforms for business are all about connecting and communicating with your audience. The more you engage the more communication it develops that eventually builds trust in your audience. As a social media marketing agency Florida, we understand the global changing trends and are ready to assist you in your brand marketing at every step.

We elevate your brand’s creativity

What comes to your mind when you think of a Social Media Agency, Miami?

Maybe you think it’s a bunch of platforms where you can post so your audience may see you well. Yes, that is correct. But do you think that there is a lot more that this carries? Social media is a medium, a way that gives you routes to reach your audience but how you reach and what you deliver is completely in your hand.

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Frequently Asking Questions

From where do you gather inspiration for a Logo Design?
Our logo designing process is phased out into many chapters. We start by understanding what the client needs. When a client walks in he has an idea of what is required. We try to understand that concept and chalk that out. Our next move is to gather inspiration around us. We then combine the two and design the products that we imagine. Based on the client’s preference one design is selected and then finalized based on colors, themes and other graphical settings.
Are there any DONT’s for Logo Designing?
We avoid adding too much into a logo. Too many words or picture design can ruin the concept as it only needs to represent a brand. If the logo is too wordy or too detailed in terms of design, it doesn't appear as nice. Minimalism is the key to success at this stage. Another thing is reflecting the company’s values. You can find a million free logos online but the one you select should resonate with your company’s ethos.
Do clients select only one logo?
No, in the initial stage, we like to put ourselves on the same page as our clients. For that reason, we provide them with 3 varying ideas. Based on the client’s feedback we then deduce the direction they are looking for and finalize the one logo for their brand. However, if a client wants more than one logo, we are happy to design that, given that the price is paid.
Do I need to provide Diginerds with anything before my Logo design has started?
Not necessarily! If you have a previous logo design or something that reflects your company’s identity that can help us too. But we are more interested in going through an initial discussion with our client that tells us more about the brand. Add every detail possible that resonates with your brand, including preferences or ideas that you have in mind. Based on these, we will decide how the work begins!
What if I cannot figure out what I should get?
Our professional experts at Diginerds are here to guide you thoroughly on what you can have. We help the clients explore options and figure out ideas. Our guided questionnaire narrows down questions for you so that can be a big help. Once we have the answers and you are still unsure, we design logos that we feel are closest to your selection to help you understand a sense of direction.
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